Quality PVC Pipes

We stand by our pipe product line with superior quality, guaranteed performance, and proven longevity.


Express Delivery

Our entire PVC pipe package is produced and stocked at our location on-site in Brea, California.


Superior Service

We offer prompt quotation and flexible production schedule. All orders are shipped, carried, and supplied by one vendor: Pacific Plastics.

Large Catalog
of PVC Pipes

Our catalog includes PVC pipes fit for various applications including potable and reclaimed water, UVR, PIP, sewer, drain, and electrical..

PVC pipes made in USA

Made in USA

We certify that all our PVC pipes are manufactured in the United States of America.

Established in 1979, we’re rooted in Orange, California.

Pacific Plastics currently serves the Western United States and Northern Mexico with a broad array of PVC pipe products.